Chapter Tartan

Based on the Davidson tartan, originally designed by Leah Robertson of Lochcarron for Dunedin Harley-Davidson of Dunfermline, who were taken over (2003) by Eastern Western Motor Group of West Mains Road, Edinburgh.

There are two weaves: Auld Reekie (1). The quality of the cloth is a 16/17oz pure wool worsted x 76cms wide and Auld Reekie (2). Quality is pure wool, 13oz x 148cms wide (DW). The Tartan is registered by the Scottish Tartans Authority, ITI No 003905. (It looks better than the picture on their site. It has a cool Harley-looking orange stripe through the black bit).

We are organised to take deposits for material. The procedure will be to email the Assistant Director of your request. A minimum deposit of £50 or full payment is required at time of ordering.

You can match the material required from the information below. (The following gives an idea of what's available. More details from the Chapter Merchandising Officer).


Gent’s Kilts

  1. Gent’s 7 yard kilt, for seat measurement upto 38”
  2. Gent’s 8 yard kilt, for seat measurement over 38" upto 45”
  3. Gent’s 9 yard kilt, for seat measurement over 45” upto 50”

Ladies’ proper hand sewn Kilts

  1. 4 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measure upto 38”
  2. 5 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measurement over 38 to 42”
  3. 6 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measurement over 42 to 48” *

Ladies’ machine sewn kilted skirts

  1. 3 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measurement upto 38”
  2. 4 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measurement over 38 upto 42”
  3. 5 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measurement over 42 upto 46” *
  4. 6 yard garment, suitable for seat (hip) measurement over 46” to 50/52”

Image of Chapter Tartan.

Note... For 'Military Pleat', the orange vertical stripe should be centre of the visible pleat.

Click here to see an illustration.

Please note that for ladies’ needing larger sizes * - it is best to have the kilt skirt rather than the proper kilt. The proper kilt sits higher on the waist, is hand sewn and lined around the small of the back. The kilted skirt is machine sewn and unlined, and therefore more comfortable to sit on the body. It is better to have the Kilted Skirt if the difference between the waist and seat is more than 8”.

Ladies’ Waistcoat – made to stock sizes

These are made with a cloth back, if wanted with a lining back, same as shown for Gent’s.

  1. Upto size 18 uses 2 yards
  2. Size 20 to 24, uses 2 ½ yards

Gent’s Waistcoat

These are made tomeasure or come inStock Sizes(cheaper). Made with a lining back.

  1. Upto 48” chest uses 1 ½ yards
  2. Over 48” chest uses 2 yards

Gent’s Trousers/Trews

Upto 42” waist/Over 42” waist

The trews are worn much higher on the body than regular trousers; they are worn with braces and usually for evening dress wear with a Prince Charlie coatee & vest. The regular trousers are usually worn for normal day wear, golfing, etc.


The member will then go to Geoffrey (Tailor) Kiltmakers, 57-59 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR. Tel 0131 557 0256, open 7 days and late night Thursday, to be measured up. The kiltmaker will then email Stuart the material required and the member will pay Stuart the remainder of the material cost. When the material has been paid, he will inform Geoffrey (Tailor) to go ahead. The member will pay Geoffrey (Tailor) for the manufacture.

As Geoffrey (tailor) is now the official kiltmaker of the Chapter, we have agreed a 10% discount off all other purchases for our members on production of their
Chapter Membership Card. Shop addresses are:

  1. 57/59 High Street, Edinburgh– ask for John Webster – 0131 557 0256.
  2. Glasgow branch at 309 Sauchiehall Street – ask for Jack or Pete –0141 331 238

NOTE: The Dunedin Chapter Tartan is available to Chapter Members only. Membership enquiries to the Director.