Ladies of Harley

Welcome to the Ladies of Harley.

Ladies of Harley is an informal group within Dunedin Chapter and is a program sponsored by the Harley Owners Group to support women motorcycle enthusiasts both riders and pillions.

It is not a separate organisation within H.O.G., but was established to encourage women to become more active in H.O.G. and their local chapters. You don't have to have your own bike to be a L.O.H. member. We encourage ladies to participate in chapter events as well as functions specifically for the ladies.

LOH organises events that encourage everyone to get together and have fun, without necessarily being on bikes. All the events are for all members, not just women. Some events might appeal more to some than others. As a pillion, partner, or lady rider you are welcome to come along to any events.

We are lucky to have a growing number of lady riders and fabulous pillions in our chapter, so lets have some FUN!

Details on any up and coming events will be posted on the Events Calendar and Facebook page

To accommodate the wide geographical coverage of our members, we will try to organise our LOH events at various locations.